My Introduction to Technology

It has been around 17 years since I was introduced to computers.

My father got his first computer during his college life as a gift from my grandfather. He had to sell a portion of his land property to afford it. Later, my father started a computer training centre along with a document printing shop. It became one of his main income sources before joining a college as a lecturer. 

He used to take me to the centre and teach me how to operate this TV-like device (Monitor) that has a big box with a noisy-running fan inside (CPU), a board with keys of English alphabets (Keyboard) and a mouse. I didn’t know that the whole set, not just a monitor is called a computer. And I was not surprised by the name “mouse” because it couldn’t have any other title as perfect as this.

Now, it’s near the end of 2023. We have AI, satellites, quantum and powerful personal computers, 5G connectivity, super-fast internet, smartphones, PlayStations, GPS, and the list will never end.

I extensively use my laptop daily. I do texts, make calls and see maps on my smartphone. I set alarms and reminders on my smart speaker. I see quick notifications on my smartwatch. Basically, whatever I do or wherever I go, I find a glimpse of innovation due to the tremendous improvement in technology.

Today, it feels like I’m living all day in an illusion of technology. Because I have gone through a time when the technology was developing. There were cell phones, but not today’s smartphones. There was Casio, not Apple watches. Even, watching a streaming video on YouTube was not a piece of cake. Once I installed an aluminium dish-antenna in my room’s window expecting it might improve my 2G dial-up internet connection. Oh, that experiment was messed up.

However, the more we are getting close to 2200, the more technology is speeding up its development. But I really hope that it never becomes a cause of destruction.

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