Hi, I’m Asif!

My name is Asif Imtious Prome.

Born in a small town. Expanding on the internet.

I’m a freelance content writer with a tech-savvy mindset who believes in self-learning and prefers to read books, taste poetry, and in breathing space, can’t stop playing chess, solving puzzles, or discussing interesting topics.

This is my personal website. I run this passionately. I write here about books that I’ve read, thoughts that I’ve come up with, and things that I’ve messed up with.

I’m most likely less active on social media as I have to give much time to myself. I’m never bored with my life as I find many things that I think, I have on my hand to be accomplished that might be as little as publishing a book or making a cinema.

I’d like to invite you to read my blog posts and subscribe to my newsletter.